Tips on How to Kiss a Guy You Like

Kissing is a simple act that can be intimate when done right. No one likes to do a sloppy job on their first date especially when a kiss is involved. Therefore, you need to up your kissing game. It is essential to learn the skill if you want to impress the guy you like. You do not want to look desperate, so you need to know how to handle yourself. Depending on how you do it, you can either leave him with a bad taste in his mouth, or you can leave him thinking about the next time you will meet up. So, if you are new to this or if you are nervous about ending the date with a kiss, here are a few tips that can help you out.

Make Sure You are Prepared
This is the first thing that you need to do. You have to get ready for that moment. By this, it does not mean going all out on the internet looking for the best kissing techniques from all around the world. Doing this will only get you more anxious. You simply need to relax and wear your best non-smudge lipstick or just a lip balm. Prepping your lips leaves them soft, and it will make you look more attractive. You just need to remember that the chances are that he is also nervous about the whole date. Hence, if you can work on getting yourself relaxed, it can help ease the tension. You can learn the information about how to kiss by following the link.

Good Breathe is a Plus
Another factor that you need to consider is that your breath smells great. Your breath can either be a turn on or a complete turn-off. Thus, it is good to make sure that your mouth remains fresh. A pack of mint gum can help you a lot if you are going out but if you are having a date in your house, you can always sneak for quick brush or use some mint spray. Pick out the most interesting info about how to kiss, click here .

Take it Slow
When you sense that he is about to kiss you, you need to relax. The minute he goes in for the kill, make sure that you are soft and slow. Make sure that you are massaging his lips in between yours softly and sensually. Do not be in a hurry and make sure that you are not too aggressive. Learn more details about how to kiss at .

Try Using Your Teeth
The final tip is to make sure that you are using your teeth. Now by this, it does not mean bite his tongue or the side of his mouth. That is a definite No! It only means nibbling on his lips softly just to make the kiss more sensual. Nonetheless, you should try this if you are comfortable enough to do it.